1904- Rome holds the Olympics. Lasker continues to dominate chess.

1908- London hosts the Olympic games.

1910- Schlechter defeats Lasker and becomes de facto World Chess champion, and helps found a strong Viennan school.

1912- Barcelona gets the Olympic bid. Lasker reclaims the chess world title.

1916-Vienna holds the Olympics. John Marshall convinces New York to hold a massive chess tournament. The term official “Chess Federation' is discussed for the first time. Indian Gobind Ranjit explodes on the scene and captures first place.

1917- Cuba enters a baseball team into the American Leagues. Shortly after, baseball surpasses soccer as the most popular sport in parts of the Carribbean. 1918- Ranjit cements his ability by a first place win in the 'super' torment in Hastings. Afterwards a new set of 'English Rules' is used, to help make tournaments consist.

1920-Istanbul hosts the Games

1924-Paris hosts the Games. The reign of Ranjit ends, as he is upset by Russian master Alekine.

1928- New York hosts the Games

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