Points of reference.Order of the White Rose- The 'medical' arm of the KKK. It arose as a alternative form of medicine from the 'Jewish and Catholic' dominated hospitals of the city. Focused on homeopathy and other such forms of medicine, it was a long time staple in rural areas. Based off a solid backbone of 'doctors' that came from the rapidly closing 'alternative' schools and degree mills across America. The Order often posed as a front for such activities as orphanages and hospitals run by the Klan. Developed in Tennessee in 1925 but soon spread to the Klan as a whole. Flaming Sword- A Klan run radio station in Memphis. It became famous in 1925 for airing Klan propaganda. Known for hate speech and delivering thinly veiled threats, it was wholly owned and run by local Klan members. Despite various run ins with Tennessee law officials it soon became the standard among “Klan stations' through the 20's and 30s.Bruce Warsh- The brutal leader of the Klan from 1925 to 1931. A former friend of Watson, Warsh was a high school drop-out who excelled at the political (and physical) infighting of Klan politics. He rose to power quickly after Watson died, and soon pushed for a 'state within a state'. Known for his vile speeches, he was extremely secretive and paranoid. His power base was Georgia but he traveled throughout the South and his power extended to everywhere the Klan touched.First type- The decentralized brutal mobs. While formal chapters are in place, and meetings are held, usually only forms in times of crisis or specific actions. While affiliated with the central Klan often acts on ti sown, with meager resources. Examples- the Oklahoma 'Night riders” and the West Virgina 'Axe Handles' Known for the most brutal and flagrant civil rights violations.Second kind- The more formal 'official' Klan who operates through political means. These Klans were facades for the more brutal 'terrorism' happening behind the scenes. These Klans focused on getting Klansman (or sympathetic men) into high office, such as Governors, judges or lawmen. Also, these Klans often used lobbying and political pressure to force their issues. (and to allow their brutal way of life to continue). This system only arrived when the Klan had strong numbers and a tight organization. Examples would be Arkansas and Indiana, called by Bruce Warsh as “most serene and capable realms of the Klan.”The third and final 9and most intriguing) would be the model of Klan that was pioneered by leader Bruce Warsh and became the standard model in all of Georgia (spreading into Florida, Alabama and South Carolina. This type consisted more of a 'state within a state; then a mere secret society. This entailed a Klan set of newspapers and radio stations (owned outright, such as the famed Flaming Sword or heavily influenced ones), a crude Klan mail system, and the Order of the White Rose (often a front for the more 'charitable' aspects of the Klan. This version caused the most trouble as it was highly organized and pervasive. It also had the ability to pool massive resources. As 'White Summer' in 1928 shows.

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