1908- Election of Bryan to the White House. Thomas Watson, in bitter anger over Bryan “Socialist' leanings, begins to devote time to reviving the Ku Klux Klan. 

1909- the Niagara Association for the Assistance of Colored People (NAACP) is founded.


1911- Bryan enters the SAW, asking for full support. A recent change in the Florida constitution (effectively barring blacks to vote) is ignored and encourages Watson.

1912- An outbreak of anti-black violence leads Watson to found the Knights of the KKK. Georgia state officials grant him a charter. Bryan is re-elected.

1913- Bryan ignores the rise of anti-black violence. Indeed, Bryan delicately pushes for re-segregation of many federal departments, including the postal service.

1914- Curtis Holloway begins filming The Clansman in Movie City, Florida.

1915- The Clansman opens, becoming a very popular film. Bryan supports the movie as an example of 'sober, balanced history”. The NAACP attacks the movie to little avail. Watson announces that Jews and Roman Catholics are' just as hurtful to America' as blacks.

1916- Bryan is re-elected. A race riot in East Saint Louis breaks out as dozens of blacks are killed by whites. Various cities ban The Clansmen from playing, while the NAACP begins to investigate the Klan.

1917- Al Smith openly calls the KKK a 'criminal organization”. Watson fires back a number of angry letters. His membership grows as Bryan ignores the whole affair.

1918- A Roman Catholic priest is shot and killed in South Carolina by the Knights of the KKK. Darrow gets death threats in the mail from a Tennessee branch of the KKK.

1919- The KKK reaches 100,000 members and is expanding rapidly. Watson sign 'treaties' with many other groups, joining them together. Labor leader Franklin Green is tarred and whipped in Alabama. A tense meeting with Debs and Bryan ends with nothing solved.

1920- The FBI warns the NAACP to 'know their place' in regards to the Klan. A series of murders of bootleggers in Alabama is attributed to the Klan. Byran lauds them for upholding the law in a corrupt place. Upton Sinclair (Candidate Senator from CA) openly attacks the KKK in his state. Wood is elected.

1921- Wood ignores the KKK. Internal records reveal that the KKK spread to such diverse states as Utah and Oregon. KKK members in Virgina drive out NAACP membership. The Oklahoma “Night Riders' get famous for midnight killings and arsons.

1922- Watson starts the “White Times”, a Klan paper. The NAACP threatens to sue, but it goes nowhere. A black man is beat to death in Colorado.

1923-Watson's KKK reaches 2,000,00 members nationwide. A massive rally in IL gathers 45,000 members. A battle between bootleggers and Klan ends in a bloody massacre in Kansas.

1924- Democrat convention is torn apart by Klan leanings. (400 Democrat delegates were paying Klan members). Republican party ignores the issue, although Wood personally has issue with parts of the nation not under his control. The brutal whipping and beating of a black miner in West Virgina makes Klan activity a household issue. Anti-mask laws are pass ed in Michigan, California and Ohio.

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