1904- The Wood Medical Center, in Havana, is officially funded by the USA military to combat malaria and yellow fever. USA has a total of 400,00 hospital beds.

1905- Nikolai Korotkov does important work on blood pressures, using both а sphygmomanometer and а stethoscope in concert.

1906- Typhoid is virtually eliminated in the armed forces of the major powers. The cause of sleeping sickness is developed by a French force in Africa.

1907-Outbreak of major cases of tetanus led to increase in antitoxin on all sides. In America the Pure Food and Drug Act is passed.

1908- War-torn Russia experiences a massive typhoid epidemic.

1909- Henry Dakin developed the Dakin's method of treating wounds based on chlorine which is a major medical advance in the care of traumatic wounds.

1910- The AMA fights with Bryan to gain control over the innumerable small (and often illegal) medical schools. In Related Byran repeals many part of the FDA and greatly undermines their authority.

1911- In partial response, Britain forms the MRC (Medical Research Council). The under-funded Flexner Report is submitted but with federal disapproval, Flexner's ideas are shunted aside for years.

1912- X-ray crystallography is developed though a British effort.


1914-A few states pass anti-'alternative' medicine schools. Lack of federal funding makes these laws hard to enforce.

1915- In the American South, South Steel embarks on a PR campaign to wipe out hookworm.

1916- The German Flu sweeps across the globe killing millions. A American run Malaria Commission is founded to improve health conditions in Latin America, particularly American business interests.

1917- The IOPH (International Office of Public Health) is founded in London to set international standards for health, and to battle German Flu. The Western funded Shanghai Medical School is founded. 1918- MRC finds a cure to rickets, mainly vitamins.


1920-The MRC set basic standards of lab testing, which is then accepted by IOPH as world standards.

1921- Belgian scientists observe a fungal contamination in one of their Staphylococcus aureus cultures that was inhibiting the growth of the bacterium. It is identified as a species of Penicillium and presented as a paper. It is cautiously heralded as a major breakthrough. The first surgery done under a microscope is preformed.


1923- Costa Rican Clodomiro Picado Twight, reading the Belgian paper, conclusively proves the benefits of Penicillin as an antibiotic.

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